How to Gamble without the Gamble when Gambling

Between my hobbies that consist of finding new hobbies, I like to gamble, though I don’t really see it as ‘gambling’, rather than stealing other people’s money in an agreeable manner. The idea of console gaming strikes me as being rather peculiar, in that your time is spent playing a game and the result of which ends on the outcome it was supposed to. 3 days dedicated to achieving the same achievements that can be copied by children as young as 10. In the world of gambling, where there are no kids, the adult male conquers and the rewards, the odd lavish payout that I get to keep and spend on whatever I want because I don’t need to pay my parents any rent anymore. Take that prepubescent scum!

So, gambling is now online and available pretty much anytime you want it. The old taboos of betting your life savings away have now been quashed, thanks to highly paid celebrities endorsing the lifestyle.

Betting Online without Online Betting

Fear not the spending of your earnings, as all online casinos now have bonuses to help would-be winners access a varied range of online casino games and play for free. When I first took on the active role of being a gambler, I first hired a suit, not realizing at first that playing online didn’t require players to meet any formal dress code. I later returned the suit. When looking online for a casino to join, I was first struck by the amount of money casinos wanted to give me to play, these were their bonuses. I immediately contacted the support team and asked I I could just have the money and wouldn’t bet with it; therefore, they wouldn’t lose when it bet, and I would still be in profit from their generous offer. My win-win idea didn’t sway the morals of the staff.

Every site I went to had these offers and having duly accepted one, I began to play, and I won. But I may come across too many as a buffoon, but I see what’s going on here. They let you win so to stay on and spend more of my money. So, I moved to another site and low and behold, another bonus and another win from it. I had reached the greatest achievement in my life, though I set my goals very low.

Playing Casino Games without being Played

So, my weapon of choice is the online slot machine, no time to learn card games like poker or blackjack. I want to win fast and win plenty as my rent is due. Slots provide me with the speed at which I like to play at and the jackpots, though not won yet, can reach sizeable amounts. The slots also provide variety with games, my favorite being those made of movies like Jurassic Park™, Rocky™, Top Gun™ and Dirty Dancing™.

So, there you have it. How some of my time is spent when living the life of Larry D. Mason