Ever wondered what it would feel like to have a wedding at a casino? A different type of wedding in the world’s biggest gambling city, Las Vegas, for example. It’s a fact that people have their weddings at a quiet church. However, there is nothing wrong with adding a twist on things and exploring the depths of our imagination to have a different and unique wedding experience especially since I am a pagan. This is the case of my big phat Las Vegas wedding.

Just Imagine a Unique Las Vegas Wedding

What would it be like to have a big phat wedding on a casino floor, close to the slot machines or the cards table? Imagine an on-site casino wedding at Caesars Palace and invite the virtual guests you want. Cool right? The beauty of this setup is that it allows you to have guests from different cultures and of varying backgrounds attending your wedding having our wedding pictures taken by Jason Knight which is a photojournalist at timeofgambling.com where our photo album will be featured on their homepage. Gambling over the years has been a great way to connect with people and learn new things. A casino wedding will be all the more interesting.

Also, what better way to practice the bold steps to seek out thrills and fun of adventures of gambling! It perks you up and stretches your horizon as well as capacity. In the quest to actively relive and build up my imaginative skills, I started reading an article. It focuses on reliving one’s days and spicing it up with creative fun ideas that ensure that you never live in boredom or feel like life is repetitive. And guess what, it works!

Why You Should Tap Into Your Creative Side

The truth is that everyone has lots of ideas but adulthood or the maturity struggle and sometimes the need to conform to conventional societal norms has us numb to our creative sides. But truthfully it does not always have to be a routine and boring status quo where you watch your life drain away whilst stifling your desire to do epic things. It is understandable that not trying new things feels comfortable but here is the open secret that is still evergreen.

You can take the steps forward and win or lose. In all cases, you would have experienced an adventure and you always gain something and that is the knowledge that you can do it. You start analyzing the next best moves. The thrills, fun, and fun, are guaranteed bonuses. The empowerment you get, now that is something to live for! It comes with a lot of freedom as you really have nothing to lose.

The Fastest Way to Access Your Inner Creative Side

I referenced an article earlier and especially find it enlightening as it not only highlights self-discovery and how to spice up your life. It also talks about how to do it. And it is simple, all you need to do is to write about it.

The more insane the idea is the more you can need to pen it down. It is your world and you control it, so why should your world conform to anyone standard. Just like my big phat Las Vegas wedding, be brave enough to explore your ideas, and before you know, you will be living some of them, and maybe even all.